Yallah Station Building

Yallah Station was situated between Dapto and Albion Park on the main Illawarra Railway Line, and was opened in June 1890. It was in service for 84 years and was closed to traffic on the 19th October 1974.

The history of Yallah is that a limited service was provided via a contractor on the 21st June 1887, south of Wollongong to the Marshall Mount Platform for Queen Victoria’s “Golden Jubilee Day” traffic. Marshall Mount Platform is thought to have occupied the position of the later Yallah Station.

In 1976 the ILRMS purchased the building for $20.00 from the NSW Public Transport Commission. On 8th May 1976 the Yallah Station building was delivered to our Albion Park museum site and restoration works took place so that the building could be used as our main station building and booking office.

In March 2007, our Society received a NSW Government Grant for new restoration work to the building, as it was starting to suffer dry rot and termite related problems that were in need of attention. This work ensures that Yallah Station will go on into the future, for future generations to enjoy.

Yallah Station has now been restored and re-opened in October 2007. The waiting room has new seating, allowing it resume duty as a traditional waiting room with memorabilia on display. Tickets for all of our rides can be purchased from the ticket office window at Yallah Station.