0-6-0DM b/no. 2392/1952

Status: Operational

This locomotive worked at the CSR Victoria Mill at Ingham in North Queensland. It was built in 1953 by Drewery Baugley Co. and is powered by an 8 cylinder Gardner diesel engine.

The locomotive was withdrawn from service and placed in a siding at the mill in 1985 along with its sister locomotive “Leichhardt”, note Leichardt was sold by the ILRMS to the Lynton and Barnstable Group in the UK . The two locomotives were donated to the ILRMS in 1996. After the locomotives arrived at Albion Park, work commenced on “Seymour” to bring it to working condition. The locomotive was overhauled, repainted and then placed in active duties at Albion Park. Seymour Commenced Operations at Albion Park on January 12th 1997.