Return to the Railways.

Return to the Railways.

On Sunday July 12th we will reopen for Steam and Miniature Train Rides from 10am to 2pm. Our return is governed under strict Government rules that our Society is guided by.

1-If you have travelled over seas or have came in contact with people who have hadĀ  the coronavirus or you have flu like conditions is you must keep away.

2-Our Museum will operate train rides for no more than 50 visitors.

3-Social Distancing will apply.

4-You are on entry to the museum groundsĀ  record your details on arrival in a book provided.

5-You are welcome to wear masks and gloves, note the ILRMS does not provide these items.

6-Be patient on waiting for train rides and food sales.

7-Respect to our volunteers who are working on our site.

8-Guided tours are available with no more of 4 people per tour and social distancing will apply on tours.

9-Historicial buildings like Otford Signal Box, The Ken McCarthy Museum Building, and our fettelers shed will have no more then 10 people.

On day one and in the future is the ILRMS is happy to open for all to enjoy but we have to respect the new way ahead.