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  Ivanhoe 4wDM b/no. GA1042/1960

'Ivanhoe' on th 'Bay Road' train

Status: Operational 

The locomotive was built in 1960 by Commonwealth Engineering, Queensland. Ltd. and holds builders number GA1042 (GA being the model number). It weighs about 12 tonnes, and is powered by a Perkins 6-cylinder diesel engine. Power to the wheels is through a torque convertor (like fitted to our bigger diesel locomotive, Shellharbour) and forward/reverse gearbox, and then through chains.

It was ordered by CSR and always worked at CSR’s Kalamia Mill under the name ‘Ivanhoe’. Ivanhoe is also the name of one of Kalamia’s branch lines. The Kalamia Mill is located between the townships of Ayr and Alva Beach in the Lower Burdekin Area of Queensland (about 90 km south-east of Townsville).

There was a similar locomotive built for another mill, that later worked at Fairymead Mill, but Ivanhoe was the only one built new for the sugar industry. A few others were built, but for 1067mm gauge industrial work in Western Australia.

The locomotive was donated to ILRMS in 2007 and when it arrived at Albion Park the locomotive was selected for restoration and the work had started seeing the diesel engine and other mechanical units overhauled.

This locomotive is operational, has been repainted and was officially commissioned for service on the ILRMS railway on November 9th 2014.